Thursday, 22 January 2009

tumble into a new pot

I planted this Tumbler Tom tomato a little while back. At the time the only pot I had was a bit small. Now that I'm seeing the effects of outgrowing their pots in my bigger tomatoes, I decided to head that off with my Tumbler. I'd picked up a terracotta pot from the B-store on special for $10 so I thought I'd use it.

The fun part was transplanting it. The old pot was not only small, but cracked. So instead of trying to gently lift the plant out of the pot, I just hit it with a hammer! Sure made it easy. And yes, the roots were already starting to bind in the old pot, which made it easy to move it to the new pot but also meant that it really could use the space.

I also got a better look and realized it wasn't a very happy camper. It had gotten scorched in the recent heat wave (sorry little plant!), dropped some fruit (probably from drying out quickly in the small pot) and other fruit seemed to be either rotten or eaten by grubs.

So I'm hoping it gets happier in this new pot and I'll be more careful in the hot weather. Because despite losing a bit of fruit, there's still a lot of green fruit on it and a few look about ready to ripen!