Wednesday, 14 January 2009

oh the sweet cool change

As of last night my plants had taken the heat quite well.  But I was not looking forward to forecasts that the next day would be even hotter before a cool change blew in.

Lucky me!  By 10:30am they revised the forecasts from a high of 37 to a high of 27!  That's not typical of Melbourne heat waves; 90% of the time they stick around a few days before an afternoon cool change blows in and the temperature drops quite abruptly.  So to have a morning cool change is wonderfully good luck.

It makes up for a rather grumpy morning.  I checked on the pumpkin before work and I'd been slack - a few fruit high up on the fence had been getting fat, and the weight had pulled the vine off the fence.  So at 8:30am (at 32 degrees) I was typing up the pumpkin vine in full sun and putting together a few more "hammocks".  All I got for my efforts were scratched arms!  Pumpkin vines are a bit prickly you see.