Tuesday, 27 January 2009

batten down the hatches again

http://www.alexareynolds.com/garden09/shadecloth.JPGWe're heading into the third heat spell this year.  It's not uncommon to get this many ... what's uncommon is apparently this spell is going to last four days.  The last time Melbourne had four days in a row over 40 degrees was 1908.

I am so glad that I took the time to buy some extra shade cloth yesterday and string it up next to the front porch.  It isn't pretty but I was running out of shade for my plants.  Looks like they've taken day 1 ok, but it didn't get up to 40 today.  We'll see how we go the rest of the week.


jen hook said...

Indeed the weather forecast is dire!
We settled last week on our new garden,wait, I mean new home!
the poor thing has good bones but is neglected and under watered and unfortunately we haven't moved in yet and I won't get to water until Saturday morning. So who knows what will survive.
Good luck with your shade treatments!

Mrs. Phillips said...

Well at least your beauties are in good hands. What's funny is, we're currently getting the coldest weather we've had in years! Sure hope it warms up before you get here....