Wednesday, 11 January 2012

wrap up

It's a bit hard to believe I started this blog in 2008! It's been a real joy to keep track of how my garden has evolved in that time. I love looking back and reminding myself how far it's come. But I've decided to make a clean break in 2012 and to stop updating this blog. So as my last post, here's a reminder of how my little garden has evolved over the last three years.

It has made it through drought...

...and hail...

...and flood.

It began as an almost random collection of soulless "low maintenance" plants jammed haphazardly into sandy, cheap soil.

But I'd like to think it's filled out a bit since then.

And I'm particularly happy with the evolution of the patio from sun-exposed, boxed in by overgrown trees to a relaxing, sheltered paradise.

Of course nothing is ever finished in a garden, nothing ever stands still. My little garden will continue to bring joy and frustration for years to come. Thank you for reading, and happy gardening!