Saturday, 3 January 2009

fig wars three: return of the figs

At last!  At long last, at least some of my fig nets worked! figs.  And one of them was split and not really edible.  There was a fair bit of late-spring rain that swelled them up quite a bit, more "big and bland" than "small and sweet".  But the flavour was still lovely, and suggests that if the autumn is drier than the main crop will be supurb. 

I think I mentioned that I wasn't sure if I liked figs.  Well I do!  They're not the best fruit in the world but they are quite lovely and I'm glad I finally saved a few from the birds.

Only a few, though.  There were another several figs that I had wrapped up in netting but it just didn't work.  All the birds did was land on the branch, pushing down the netting so that they could peck at it anyway.

Almost all of the breba crop has ripened and been eaten, but there are still another dozen left.  I've taken off the net bags and moved them to other branches, trying to learn from my past mistakes to maybe save a few more before this crop is over.  But it's also reminded me just how many figs there will be in the main crop in the autumn - literally hundreds of figs.  I just need to exercise some patiences until then.


Regina said...

Hi Alexa,
In stone fruit-growing areas of Washington, they often decorate the cherry trees with strips of mylar, which scares the birds because it is so shiny. Maybe this would work for you?

Alexa said...

Thanks for the suggestion ... I've also heard of using Christmas garlands, and around here you sometimes see CDs hanging from the trees!