Thursday, 8 January 2009

crepe myrtle

I'm posting this for my sister in Texas.  Is this a crepe myrtle?

I ask because I remember you telling me that they're so common in Texas you were downright sick of them.  Well guess what?  They can't get enough of them in Melbourne, because they're pretty and they tough out the drought like a champ.  Councils love to plant them along roadsides, just like this one just around the corner from my house.

If you ever want to run a business, perhaps a crepe myrtle export nursery would be a goer.


Mrs. Phillips said...

Yes, yes it is! The white ones are nice, and I particularly like the lavender variety, but you never see those. The favorite around here is called "watermelon pink"...can you tell how much I love those? Yeah. But they're everywhere. In fact, one of the small towns around here (there are millions of small towns in Texas) is the Crepe Myrtle Capitol of the World!

Mrs. Phillips said...

Oh, and I try not to be "downright" anything....