Monday, 19 January 2009

more succulents

I potted up another batch of succulents. On the right is a Sedum pachyphyllum, "silver" jelly beans, surrounded by I think a Sedum spurium.

To the left we have what I think is a Pachyphytum. In the corners you can just barely see tiny strings of what I think are Sedum morganianum. The big mystery though, is I have no idea what those tiny red specs are. I love the colour though and I hope they take root.

I just love the different textures and colours. Not sure what I'm going to do with three pots of succulents, though. Maybe once they grow up a bit I'll give them as gifts. But in the meantime I'm enjoying seeing them take root, and excited to see them grow.


Julie said...

Oh I love the way you arranged your succulent plants in the pots! They look devine! Can't wait to see them when they "grow up"!!!