Friday, 16 January 2009

potted succulents potted up the first bowl of succulents today.  About half of the cuttings I took have started putting out roots so I decided it was time to arrange them.

What we have here are three Echeverias of a light-blue persuasion - I think they're Echeveria secunda, "hens and chicks" (this website is an excellent source that I've been shamelessly drawing from).  In between the Echeveria I've put in a few Sedum rubrotinctum ("jelly beans" or "pork and beans") - they're green with a lovely red tinge that should be a great contrast to the Echeveria.  In the middle is another sedum that's a bit more lemon-yellow than the others but I'm not sure if it's a different species.

I was starting to have some issues with some of the cutting shriveling up, especially in the Echeveria and yo ucan see it in these ones.  I wasn't sure if they were rotting or drying out - do I water them more or less?!  But It sounds like they were drying out, so they all got a bit of a watering today.  And lucky for me, the blue Echeveria is from my own garden so if they die there are plenty more to steal!


Julie said... fun is this??? Nice color choices! They are going to be so fun to watch! You are going to do more???

Alexa said...

Yep, two more pots so far! I'm almost out of cuttings though so that might be the end of it for now.