Thursday, 29 January 2009

the damage so far

Well when I got home last night the shade cloth I'd set up across the porch had fallen down. I've now just flopped it over the pots on that side and propped it up a bit with a stick. Luckily it still did its job and they all seem fine.

However, my Yellow Pear tomato (not in the shade cloth) has been fried. The tender growth on the tips shriveled right up and didn't perk up overnight. So for today I wrapped both toms in a linen blanket and hoped for the best.

By the way ... Mari that's the blanket you bought me all those years ago, I think you said it was from Mexico. It's come in handy!

On the up side, my rhodies under their shade cloth seem to be doing ok. But we've got two more days of this to go ...


Mrs. Phillips said...

El Salvador my love. And the pink one i bought for myself has long since stained many an unwitting laundry load.