Monday, 19 January 2009

better boy and pumpkins

I ate my Better Boy tomato yesterday. I cut it in half and couldn't see any seeds. I thought I must have sliced through one of the bits of flesh, so I sliced it again to try to find the seeds. But as you can see, it's almost all flesh and very few seeds. Excellent! Next time you slice up a supermarket tomato, notice just how much of the inside is seeds and watery goop and how little is actual flesh.

And what tasty flesh it was. A nice rich even flavour, as if you turned the volume up from a supermarket tomato. The only downside - the skin was quite thick, which is probably why it felt so firm even though inside it was fully ripe. I wonder if they'll all be that thick-skinned, and what makes some tomatoes like that.

Meanwhile, my pumpkins are getting nice and huge. They've got their first blush of orange too. I think it'll still be several weeks before they're ripe, though. Sadly I'm getting the rest of the female flowers dropping off even before the flowers open. Might be not enough water, so I'll try to water a bit more without watering so much that these beauties get watery and less flavoursome.


Mrs. Phillips said...

Oh I see, you already said how your tomatoes were...