Friday, 16 January 2009

bountiful harvest so it's not exactly a cornucopia, but this is the largest harvest I've gotten from my garden so far!  The Yellow Pear tomato is putting out lots of ripe fruit, and my Better Boy has ripened its first tomato.  It's a bit smaller than I expected them to be, but I'm hoping the flavour is good.  Unfortunately I think I picked it a bit early.  I'm used to supermarket tomatoes that are quite hard, so when this one turned red I got excited and picked it.  But it's still quite firm, and home-grown tomatoes are supposed to be a lot more tender than store-bought.  So I'm going to leave it for a few days on the benchtop next to some other fruit and hope that the ethylene from the other fruit gives it a touch more ripeness before I try to eat it.  If I have the patience to wait that long!


Mrs. Phillips said...

And how were they??