Wednesday, 14 January 2009

the flying dragon that my designer twig seemed to be re-growing its lime graft.  Well, it turns out I was quite wrong.  This is what the sprout looks like now.  Pretty ugly little bastard isn't it?

It looked strange and thorny enough for me to go look up what lime leaves look like (for the record, they don't look like that).  So I did some searching for what dwarf citrus root stock looks like.  Sure enough, if you let the root stock grow leaves, they look like this.  The name of the stock is "flying dragon" ... it certainly looks as spiky as a dragon.

Oh well, I'll pluck it off today so it doesn't sap strength from the other grafts.  And I'll confirm with the company that I'll be wanting that lime/orange tree after all. and I thought I'd give you an update on how the twig is growing.  Look at how big it is compared to when I first got it!  The stuff on the right is the tangelo and the stuff on the top left is the mandarin.


The Estate said...

Hi ya tis me Thee LOL, love your blog

Alexa said...

Hi there Thee, glad you like it!