Thursday, 26 March 2009

three fat pumpkins've picked and cured the last of my first-crop pumpkins.  Aren't they handsome? 

I've still got three more on the vine and a freezer full of pumpkin soup.  Next year I'm only planting one vine, not two.


Mari said...

They are beautiful! You'll have to send me that soup recipe. And what type of pumpkin are those? They look like the kind they sell here as decorations. People buy those knobbly, "heirloom"-looking squash and pile them in a bowl for fall. But we wouldn't call those pumpkins--only the jack-o-lantern style are called pumpkins here, as you know.

Alexa said...

These are my potimarrons, a French variety. You'd call this an "heirloom" type here too because it's not the standard supermarket variety. I just might post my pumpkin soup recipe!

Julie said...

These pumpkins are so beautiful and vivid in color! How great!!!