Saturday, 28 March 2009

stupid rhodies slaving away to pamper these damn rhododendrons, one of them is repaying me by doing this.  Not the other three, mind you.  Just this one.  First the shoots of new growth at the base died, now the new growth at the top looks like it's going to follow the lead.  Stupid rhodies, they really aren't worth this hassle!


Chris said...

Looks like they've gotten a bit of sun burn. If you spent time pampering them, maybe they needed a bit of hardening off outside - but not in harsh sunlight.

I've heard placing them under the semi shade of a tree is a good place to harden plants off.

Sad when we loose plants we spend so much time on though.

Alexa said...

The brown burn is definitely sun burn from the 40+ degree weather this year. I think what I did was over-feed them, because the one that had already put out new growth is fine, this one died, and the other two's new growth is soft and pale green and a bit lanky.

Killed with kindness. But at least I've learned my lesson.