Sunday, 1 March 2009

jackhammer and concrete drained the pond weeks ago but didn't get a chance to get the bottom out before we left for Texas.  So once we got back, we really wanted to get that project out of the way.  We hit up the rental equipment shop and got ourselves a little jackhammer.  Neither my husband or I are power-tool kind of people, so we knew that for better or worse this would be a bit of an adventure. weren't sure what we'd find under the concrete.  The power drill was able to drill down a few inches before getting stuck on something.  So my husband took it easy at first trying to find out what was under there.  As you can see, under the concrete was ... another layer of concrete.  Whoever made this pond sure was serious about it, two layers of concrete seems excessive to me. the second layer of concrete was a thick layer of gravel.  We tested it out by pouring in some water, and it seems to drain through to the soil quite easily so we didn't bother to dig out the extra gravel.  The next project is to order a load of soil to fill it in, and then I can finally get planting!  Almost there!

And I really must thank my wonderful, strong husband for doing the dirty work and suffering the aches and blisters for it.  I tried using the jackhammer a little bit but after getting hit with tiny slivers of concrete, breathing in the dust, and getting the bit stuck I handed it back to him to finish the job properly.


Mrs. Phillips said...

Go Tom, the Jackhammer Man!! And how cute that you helped for a minute. ;) Glad that thing wasn't solid to the bottom though, yikes.