Saturday, 28 March 2009

flowers flowers everywhere

I don't usually take photos of flowers, I'm not very good at it and I don't have that many.  But I took a few snaps about the place and thought I'd share them.

Here's one of my vinca, I just love the pink-eyed kind.
Cumquat blossoms are actually quite beautiful from close up, and they smell divine too.
Liriope is a common bedding grass you see a lot of around Melbourne because they're so tough.  But you don't often think about their flowers, which can be quite cute.
I just bought these two miniature day lilies today - stella bella.  Each flower only blooms for a day, but they put out more flowers all through the spring, summer, and autumn and they're tough as boots.  Even though it's autumn one of them has two stalks going strong and the other has two stalks that haven't even blossomed yet!
And finally, here is Percival who is instructing me in the proper method of taking photos of my salvia.


Julie said...

Vinca is so sweet! The cumquat blooms remind me of orange blossoms! Probably smell the same too...devine!!!
My liriope has never bloomed in the past 5 years...this would be quite a grand surprise!!! I will hope!
Percival is awesome, and what a fantastic photo this should enter it in a photo contest...I just KNOW it would win!

Mari said...

Seriously, the Percival portrait is extremely artful. It looks like you painted it!