Sunday, 8 March 2009

the nursery've started referring to one corner of my front porch as "the nursery".  It started when Bunnings delivered somethings and left us with a little basket which I used to keep my succulent cuttings together (don't ask about the succulents, they didn't work out too well).  But now I've expanded the enterprise a bit.

I've decided that if I'm planning on planting a lot of flowers, I'll do the bit of work beforehand and try to grow them from seed first.  So here are purple punnets planted with alyssum seeds.  Alyssum is a small white flower I planted together with salvia, you can just see some to the right of the photo peeking out from the flower pot.  I wasn't a huge fan at first but I've been won over.  They're tough, they flower almost all year round, and they smell lovely.  So I'm starting a bunch of them to plant in front of my geraniums along the house, at least until the geraniums get a bit of height to them.

And since my "nursery" is at the front door next to my pot plants, I won't forget to water it!