Tuesday, 20 September 2011

some plants for the porch

We haven't made much progress since getting the pergola put in; we finally chose an outdoor setting but it won't arrive for another fortnight.  But I've been thinking a lot about what plants to put in around the porch.

These beds used to be overflowing with the dwarf cumquats.  If my husband had his way they'd be pebbles or astroturf so we can walk on them without worrying.  I managed to convince him to try dichondra, a little low-growing native creeper.  It'll stay green all year round, unlike grass, and you can still walk on it.  They're just little tufts now but hopefully they'll spread quickly.  Now if I could just keep the blackbirds from making a mess of the new mulch...
I'm also taking some more cuttings of plecthranthus Mona lavender.  It's such a tough, gorgeous little plant I'll probably put a few in.  It's also nice to get your plants for free!
This is what Mama Lavender is looking like, by the way.  Still pretty compact and bushy although I think she might outgrow her spot this summer, considering how much she grew last year.  She's a pretty self-limiting plant though - the branches are brittle so if they grow into the path they get snapped off pretty easily.  Oh and how about those clivias?  This is their third year blooming and they've thrown out two pups (although the babies are still too small to bloom).
I'm also thinking of putting a few brunnera Jack Frost next to the porch too.  I've got this one flowering its head off in the western garden bed (the flowers are far more blue than the camera captured), it just thrives in dry shade and even when it's not in flower the leaves are so beautiful.  I'm not sure if these guys grow from cuttings but I might give it a try.
My goldfish are also having a bit of a transition period.  I figured out that their pot was leaking from a tiny crack on one side, so I had to drain it, seal the crack as best I could, then buy some pond sealer.  This took about a week to get organised, plus the sealant takes a week to dry.  The goldfish have been patient in their hotel room (aka a bucket) but I'm pretty sure they're looking forward to returning to their home!  It's getting pretty green in that bucket...
I'll keep you updated as the porch progresses!