Sunday, 4 September 2011

clearing the garden, clearing the mind

There's something therapeutic about clearing out a particularly weedy spot, just as it can feel therapeutic to clean the house.  I like the feeling of order afterward.  Remember this?
Well not long after taking that photo I lost my patience and went through like a crazy person.
Now when I walk down this path instead of feeling annoyed and stressed, I feel much more relaxed.  Not that I'll ever enjoy pulling weeds, just as I'll never really enjoy cleaning the house.  But it feels good to see a job finished.


degarfs said...

Hi, though you have weed mat below your, the weeds keep appearing, how are you going to control it?

Alexa said...

There's no weed mat on this side of the garden, I don't know why the past owners didn't put it in. To be honest there aren't that many more weeds on this side than the other since the flood, which dumped a bunch of silt and weed seeds everywhere. They just grow on top of the mat. How to control? Pulling them out or spraying them depending on my mood!