Saturday, 9 April 2011

beautiful mona, hydrangeas and bees

My plectranthus Mona lavender has really come into its own!  Just look at all of those flowers.
I've got a little bud vase inside and picked a few.  It made me realise something I hadn't noticed - the "face" of the flowers is beautifully patterned.  You just can't see those details from above.
My oakleaf hydrangeas are also looking lovely.  They put out a second flush of flowers mid-summer and they're starting to colour up beautifully.
I'm also realising this year the value in having autumn-flowering plants.  I've started to notice so many bees on my salvia, basil, gaura and the last of the lavender.  They probably appreciate this last feast before winter.


Jamie said...

I've just planted a Mona Lavender a week ago and I want it to be as beautiful as yours!

Alexa said...

I hope it does! It took mine a while to settle in but it's worth it. I've also taken heaps of cuttings that are slowly coming along too.