Saturday, 24 September 2011

losing flowers, gaining flowers

My new wildcat orchid is having a hard time of it.  For some reason many of the flower buds shriveled up and of the two buds that were fattening up, one fell off!  I might only have one blossom this year.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, since my space race orchid never had this problem. 

In the meantime, my space race colmanara is going great guns.  I saw a little bud today and wondered if it was another bulb or if it was a flower spike.  See it there at the base of the bulb?
Then I looked at another side and noticed the long flower spike!  It's already several centimeters long!
Look at him go!  Last year he had two spikes, I reckon I'll get at least three this year.  It'll be another month or so before they blossom but I might bring him inside soon so he's out of the wind.

Update: I brought Space Race inside and I'm glad I did - there are at least two more flower spikes forming!  There's also another one or two pseudobulbs coming in, I didn't think they grew both at the same time.