Saturday, 12 February 2011


Making jam has always been one of those things I felt like I should try, but never actually got around to. I just all sounds complicated and a little scary, mastering setting points and making sure the jars are sterile. But this weekend I finally decided to try it out. None of it's from my garden but I thought I'd share anyway. is my nectarine and lime jam. I think it set properly, I tested (and tasted!) a bit on a cold plate in the freezer to see if I could run my finger through it and leave a trail (I could). I'll find out tomorrow how it is on toast but the little taste I had sure was good!

To sterilize the jars I boiled them in a pan half-full of water with the lid on for about 20 minutes. The cellophane on the right is the one I'm going to store until I'm ready for it, I'm told the cello forms a very good seal. The one on the left is just a coffee jar so it's not a great seal, but I'll eat that one first.

I now feel like I've ticked another box on my list of culinary challenges!

Sunday edit: I had the jam on toast this morning, it's seriously delicious! You can't really taste the lime which is fine, it's meant to balance the sweetness a bit. And it's equally tasty with a bit of soft goat cheese on toast. Yum!