Saturday, 5 February 2011

the flood of 2011

Last night 70mm of rain fell all at once and our garden turned into a moat.  We were out at the time and the water came within a few inches of the front door - none got inside, thankfully.  But the garden's a mess.  Everything was covered in muck.
The mulch was all washed away.  You can just see the high water line along the garage there.
And there on the house.  Those poor geraniums!
The most bizarre part were my big pots.  My zucchini was up near the driveway, and there were too other large pots next to the front porch.  All three were picked up, carried around the corner, and set down gently.  The terracotta pot was tipped over but unbroken.
This is where half the mulch ended up, as well as one of the bins, swept all the way from the street to the back garden.
And here's the other half.  That's meant to be pebbles.  You can see the water line on the gate.
We did the most important cleanup today but haven't tackled all that mulch yet.  The plants actually survived really well, even the cuttings I planted only a week ago are still there.  The alyssum and little geraniums copped it badly enough that I pulled them pu.  My goldfish are still in their pot, it didn't go under entirely.  Even the worm farm made it ok - it had fallen over but not tipped out.  Messy, but we were so very lucky.