Monday, 14 February 2011

february harvest

This is one of the bigger harvest for this year.  I've got another zucchini ripe, the tomatoes are going crazy, and of course some herbs.  The broad ripple yellow currants are producing like crazy, but to be honest I find them annoying because the tomatoes are so tiny.  You can't even cut them in half, they just splatter.  Next time I think I'll go with a slightly larger cherry tomato.
In any case, I turned this harvest into a dinner that came almost entirely from the garden!  The zucchini was sliced and dusted with cumin and smoked paprika before grilling.  The tomatoes were cut up and tossed with parsley and chickpeas.  The mint went into the yogurt with some garlic and lemon.  And on top, some fried haloumi cheese.  Seriously tasty.
It's not often I harvest enough to really plan a meal around it, so I'm pretty proud of this one!


PJ said...

I don't know what looks tastier, the garden harvest or the halloumi! Loving this time of year when we can harvest such a good array of veggie.

veggiegobbler said...

That looks delish. Jamie Oliver suggests just squishing the cherry tomatoes together with your dressing and I've started doing this rather than taking the time to cut them all up. Doesn't look as pretty but tastes good and feels fun!