Sunday, 6 February 2011

the life and death of sunflowers

I planted two sunflowers this year from two different sources.  They got a lot farther than last year when I didn't get past seedlings, but still only ended up with mixed success.

The smaller of the two grew about four feet high before it started to blossom.  But it only got half-open, then sat here like this until it started to die.  No idea why!
The other grew almost six feet tall before it started to flower.  It struggled for a while, I think it got tobacco mosaic virus because the leaves were all warped and misshapen.  But finally it flowered!  The bloom itself wasn't as big as I thought it would be but was lovely nonetheless.
Sadly just a few days later we got some bad winds.  I'd staked the sunflowers but stopped about halfway up when I thought they'd be able to hold themselves up.  But alas, it wasn't enough, and one morning I was greeted by this sad sight.
Poor giant sunflower!  I might try growing you again next year because you are so very beautiful, but you're not the easiest things to keep happy!