Monday, 18 October 2010

vegetables in october

October is a time to harvest the winter veggies and get ready for the summer veggies.  In June I planted this purple sprouting broccoli, but it didn't form a very big head.  Either I should have planted it earlier, or maybe the pot's too small.  Not sure, but the colour sure is fun and it tasted good.
I also picked the last of the French breakfast radishes.  I left them a bit too long so they were a bit hollow inside and lumpy.  And they get those weird nibbled marks on them.  They're never deep but they happen all the time, I think maybe earwigs?  In any case, I might try a different type next time, something round and not lumpy.
The broad beans are a pretty tragic story.  As seems to happen to everyone who grows broad beans, they make dozens of flowers that drop off.  I got tired of waiting and I wanted to plant the capsicums in that pot, so about a week ago I stopped watering the broad beans knowing I'd be pulling them out.  The poor plant shriveled up and when I went to pull it out, this what I found.  The poor abused thing had actually formed several pods.  I was amazed at how quickly they appeared, a bit like last year's soybeans.  One day there's nothing, the next there they are.  But still, I don't think I'll grow them next year.  I'd rather grow more snow peas, which I also slightly abused yet continued to make pods.
And finally, my tomatoes already have flowers!  Yay!
I've also planted qarabali zucchini, Minnesota midget melons, sugarbaby watermelons and a new parsley plant (the old one finally started to go to seed).  Once I harden them off I'll be planting out the capsicum and basil, and I hope to buy some rocket, a chili plant and maybe some more basil soon.  I love spring!