Thursday, 28 October 2010

orchid in full glory little colmanara hybrid orchid is now in full bloom. The main spike is almost completely open, the second spike is starting to form buds and there's a surprise third spike just forming!

It's funny, if you look closely the "bibs" on some of the flowers are white and on others are yellow. It must have something to do with it being a hybrid ... who knows? I love it!

I hope that when the flowers finish I can keep it happy until it flowers again.


Samuel said...

Wow, do you grow them indoors or have you brought them indoors whilst flowering? Would really love to know how much light and humidity you give it!

Alexa said...

Hi Samuel, I bought this orchid at an orchid show with the flower spikes already forming. Since then it's been inside in fairly low light and normal (low) humidity with water once a week. I was told that the light level didn't matter whilst flowering, but the grower recommended that when it finishes flowering I put it outside on the porch until it forms another spike. He said it was a very tough hybrid, I hope I can make it survive to flower again!