Monday, 18 October 2010

october in the garden

Just a little update of what's thriving in the garden this month.  My geraniums are at their spring best.  They've overcome some winter rust (still hanging around but not keeping it down) and they're just bursting with colour.  In fact a few branches have flopped over from the weight of the flowers!
In contrast, the side bed is usually ugly and plain: to the right of this picture is all the utility crap like the water heater.  But in this brief moment, the hebe are blooming and the alyssum are going crazy.  Look at those clouds of white!  I let the alyssum self-seed about the place, including the path.
The clivia's looking amazing too.  The begonias survived all winter long without stopping.  Doesn't quite match the orange of the clivia, but who cares.
And finally, my little maple is looking stunning!
Did I mention already that I love spring?