Monday, 4 October 2010

floriade tulips

Last week I was in Canberra for a conference and stayed the weekend to catch up with friends. It happened to be during Floriade, their month-long tulip festival, so I have lots of photos to share. This photo gives you an idea of the general layout - large fields of patterned tulips and a little ferris wheel. The fields were planted to form images - everything from words to animals to lollipops - but you couldn't tell at all from the ground. I just enjoyed the colours.
This was one of my favourites - just a simple rainbow.
I think this was a unicorn or something, I just liked the coordinating colours.
Most of the fields were more like this - a crazy riot of colour.
Near the pond there was a slightly more "wild" field interspersed with daisies.
Another clear block of colour.
And finally, here and there they had these crazy "exploded" tulips, I'm not sure what they're actually called.
And I had to add this photo of some of the entertainment - a giraffe woman!
There was also this adorable old-fashioned pipe organ playing a medley of songs. I happened by when it was going through the whole book of Phantom of the Opera.

Next up, some other highlights of Floriade.