Monday, 2 August 2010

tomatoes go in!'ve set up my tomato-starting tray for a new year's tomatoes.  This year I adjusted the temperature before planting the seeds, so as not to fry them to death like I did last year.  It only took a few tweaks, mostly I moved it away from the window so the sunshine didn't throw the soil temperature up to 40.  When they sprout I'll turn off the heat mat and move them into the sun. 

That green mat is a new addition too.  It's capillary mat, it sucks water up.  I thought I was meant to put one end in the water dish but it just sucked up all the water and dumped it in the tray.  So instead I pour water on the mat every day or two, and the soil sucks that up.

In any case, the seeds went in on the 31st of July.  Three seeds of Oregon Spring, a medium-sized, early red variety.  And three of broad ripple yellow currant, a yellow cherry type.  I'm feeling good this year, I reckon they'll do well.