Monday, 9 August 2010

august flowers

Some lovely flowers around these days, though you have to go looking for them.  The broad beans are starting to flower, though I believe they can take a long time to develop and ripen.  Not too long, I hope, I want to grow capsicum in that pot this year.
I decided I needed a better photo of the hellebores - such a beautiful dark purple!  I just wish they weren't always turned down to the ground.
And this was a surprise.  Last year I planted about 8 iris reticulata and species tulips. Most of the tulips came up but only 2 of them blossomed - not enough sunlight.  And all but 2 of the irises died - I think they dried out.  So last year I dug up the tulip bulbs and put them in a pot, but I couldn't find the iris bulbs.  Surprise!  Not only did they survive, but one of them had a baby!
They are hidden away back there though.  I'm going to try digging them up again this summer and putting them in a pot too.  Because the species tulips are peeking out of their pot and I'm hoping for a beautiful show of flowers.  Also, at least two of my three clivias have buds forming; last year only 1 blossomed.  Oh and the biggest clivia, that bloomed last year, now has two babies, though they're a good 4 years or so away from flowering themselves.  Such a promising time of year!