Sunday, 22 August 2010

an august harvest my enthusiasm for growing fruit and veg, my harvests are usually very small - a lemon here, a handful of lettuce leaves there. But today's dinner is a celebration of spring and called for one of my largest harvests.

I'm making lamb with prosciutto with a salad of peas, broad beans, rocket, snowpeas and radish with a mint dressing. The rocket is mine, those are my Oregon Spring snowpeas, and a slightly nibbled radish. Along with the mint I'm going back out for thyme and chives later.

It's so satisfying!

p.s. I almost forgot, my cherrytime capsicums have sprouted. Took two weeks, and they're going really slowly, but they're going! The tomatoes are coming along too.

Update: here's a snap of the salad I made from this harvest.
I made fresh bread to go with it.  My first free-form loaf was an Italian bread back in May that came out like this - it didn't rise properly so it was tasty but dense.  I tried the same recipe again and it was like night and day, I didn't realise just how light and wonderful it was meant to be!  It's my best bread yet, if I do say so myself.  It tasted as good or better than bread from a bakery, pillowy soft on the inside with a crunchy crust.  Still soft and delicious the next day, too!