Sunday, 29 August 2010

tomatoes get an upgrade pricked out the tomato seedlings this weekend.  Turns out when you start them in those rectangular punnets their roots spread out more than I realised, so I think I tore some of them when I was trying to loosen them.  I hope they survive OK.  They got a dose of seasol and a few tiny fertilizer pellets to boost them along.  The capsicums are still too small, as you can see.  They're growing but much more slowly than the tomatoes. of tomatoes, I was disgusted to see Bunnings are already selling these huge advanced tomatoes that already have flowers.  It won't be warm enough to grow tomatoes outside for at least another month.  "Early maturing" my left foot, that's just marketing to sell them to people who don't know better, who assume that if they're for sale you must be able to grow them.  Never, ever trust Bunnings for this.  They are more than happy to sell them knowing that they'll die and you'll be back in again in a month needing another one.


prue said...

I just saw those large tomatoes at Bunnings too and was a bit confused. I understand the other smaller tomatoes being out, given some people have green houses and I can start mine in the balcony garden from now (mad microclimate) but the advanced ones are just sillyness!