Sunday, 16 October 2011

garden a.d.d.

My husband likes to joke that I have garden A.D.D. - as in, I have a very hard time just sitting and relaxing in my garden.   There's invariably something that catches my eye that wants doing, a weed to pull or a seedling to water.  No sooner had I taken photos of the new patio and posted them on this blog, but I was outside enjoying a snack in the sunshine and this time got distracted by the cats being adorable.  They love our new couch as much as we do!
But whilst I was up I also noticed that one of the goldfish was hanging out right on the surface and snapped a rare glimmer of gold.
Then decided I should add some closeup photos of the new annuals I put in.  Here's the red salvia.
And here's a close-up of the impatiens.  Look at all of those flower bud ready to go!
That's enough garden A.D.D. for one day!


Phoebe said...

Are your cats English short hairs? They are adorable!!!

Alexa said...

Yep two plump british shorthairs!