Sunday, 30 October 2011

bad luck tomatoes

What is with my bad luck with breaking tomatoes?!  Last year I pulled my Florida weave too tight and snapped one of my tomato plants off at the top.  This year, I didn't get my black cherry secured and we had so much wind it snapped right off.  It was growing so much taller than the honey of Mexico I was waiting to secure it.  Waited too long!
I was especially disappointed because the broken section had some flower buds on it!  Well it's not the end of the world.  The laterals - the side shoots - of tomato plants grow just as well as the main shoot.  I hope.  And at least now the two plants are the same size.  Since this photo I have gone in and set up a second layer of Florida weave to keep them from snapping again.
And the good news is there are some more flower buds.  They're both small-fruited tomatoes so it might not be too long before the first fruits come in.  Hopefully before Christmas!