Saturday, 19 December 2009

plums, melons and tomatoes

No, none of the plums, melons or tomatoes are ripe yet but I thought I'd update you on their progress.  The melons are settling in well and putting out some good growth and even a few little flowers.  This first one is the Green Nutmeg.
And this is the Minnesota Midget with one of its little flowers.
And this is a little watermelon of some kind I got from the B-store.  I ended up freeing up that big tub only recently so I bought a rather advanced seedling.
And this is the Baby Blue pumpkin seedling.  I'm not sure why it hasn't "vined" out at all, I hope it hasn't stunted from being in a punnet for so long...
The plum tree out the front has a few fruit starting to ripen.  They're still small, I don't think they'll get very big.  But they're starting to lighten up in colour. I wonder what colour they'll be in the end?  Shouldn't be long now.
And finally, I've started to lose tomatoes to little grubs.  I had some do this last year too, they lay their eggs in the flower and the caterpillars eat their way out of the green tomato, leaving poos behind.  I don't think there's anything I can do about it once they're in there, just hope there aren't too many.  I've lost about 4 so far but there are heaps more green fruit waiting to ripen.
That's the round up for this weekend.  It's almost Christmas and we've had beautiful weather - some hot days but they cool down quickly, plus a bit of rain here and there.  Can't ask for much more than that!