Thursday, 3 December 2009

i'm back! here are some flowers

My computer was broken for the last few weeks but it's back again and I've got a huge backlog of pictures to share.  I thought I'd start with some beautiful flowers!

Here's the Munstead lavender I planted last year.  I think it's a bit leggy, probably wants a bit more sun than it's getting.  But I love its delicate blossoms, and so do the bees.
This is the first of my petunia blossoms.  I generally don't like petunias but wanted to try a red and white stripe for the pots at the front door.  And the garden centre had "double" petunias which make this wrinkled puffball instead of the standard trumpet.  I'm very happy with them!
And here are the first blossoms from my "peach Melba" nasturtiums.  Little stunner, isn't it.  It's in a rubbish position crowded between liriope but it's still blossoming already!


Mari said...

I love your flowers! So beautiful, and so early on. Gorgeous!

Lene said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and read through your whole year in Melbourne, please keep blogging! I myself moved from Chicago and we've just settled in the Western suburbs, trying to make sense of this new land (and the crazy weather). I've got a blank canvas, dirt-caked backyard and started gardening, with a similar sense of journey as you did. Thank you for sharing your discoveries and adventures, I completely relate!

Alexa said...

Thanks Lene, I wish you the best in your own garden journey! If you like reading garden forums, I highly recommend, I've gotten so much advice from folks there over the past year. They know so much about gardening!