Thursday, 3 December 2009

the babies

It was ages ago now, but hardly 10 days after discovering the nest, I got home, let the cats out, and this little fellow clumsily flew across the yard and thudded onto the windowsill.
I immediately grabbed both cats and shoved them inside.  I thought, that can't be Mom and Pop's baby!  They were just tiny things last week!  But sure enough, a peek into the nest confirmed they were already flying!  Flying badly, but flying.  They landed all over the place.  Here's one that kept sitting either in or next to the birdbath.
And this one thought the front porch wasn't a bad place to rest.
After the afternoon's comedy antics I didn't see much of the babies.  Mom and Pop must have decided the cats would not be good for their children's health and took them to another yard.  I still see Mom and Pop a lot and occasionally their kids, looking a bit more grown-up now that they have their tail feathers.


Two Hands Caricaturist and 1 cut 2 pieces Silhouette Artist said...

Very interesting and cute bird photos!

biofutur said...
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biofutur said...

bonjour "petit jardin",
cela me fait tout drole de voir autant de verdure et de soleil dans ton blog, alors que le temps est si mauvais en espagne actuellement.

Le mois dernier j'ai aussi un jeune oiseau qui est venu nous voir a notre fenetre. mais il etait un peu plus gros.

bye,et amities

Alexa said...

Wow Jacques how lucky you were! I believe that little lady is a female Eurasian Kestrel.

I don't see falcons or hawks around much in Australia, at least not in the city where I live.