Saturday, 22 August 2009

a few spring snaps from here and there

Another sunny day meant a walk around the garden with the camera to see what was new.  First let's play spot-the-lemon.
Did you see both of them?  One right in the middle and other one right down the bottom near the mailbox, my first two lemons a year after moving here.  They're still a little green on the tips so I'm giving them a bit more time to ripen.  Meanwhile there are dozens of tiny green and black lemons forming for next year.  I don't know why they're so black (sorry about the blur!) but I know they're not dead yet because a few did die and they turn really black when they're dead.
Out the back, the Granex sweet onions are powering along.  I thought they were growing too slowly but I eventually found out that's just onions, onions are sloooooow.  Last week a friend from OzGrow garden forum stopped by; I'd sent him some Granex seeds when I got them last year.  He said his were tiny compared to mine, so I must be doing something right after all.  They got a top-up of composted cook poo today so I sure hope they're happy!
This is just a picture of the pretty spring stars that are in full bloom.  They didn't mind the move from my mother-in-law's garden one bit!
I bought some new flat-leaf parsley and some coriander from the lady who sells herbs at my work.  You can see the old parsley on the left, it's still growing strong but the pot is so small that it's really stunted in size.  This new pot had the tomatoes in it last year so it should be big enough.
And finally, some herbs I haven't shown you in a while.  The creeping rosemary and the sage have thrived in their spot, especially after a bit of compost.  The rosemary was creeping along so much I clipped quite a bit for some lamb last week.  It's a bit "leggy" because it doesn't get too much sun where it is, but otherwise both herbs are doing great.
Here's the blast from the past, what they looked like when I planted them last year.
And that's what's new.  Just keeping an eye on the seedlings upstairs and preparing the former goldfish pond for summer planting as I impatiently wait for spring.  Though it's still unseasonably warm, technically it is still winter.