Sunday, 10 May 2009

snowdrops and spinach lovely, crisp, sunny day after a rainy Saturday.  I discovered this little beauty under the fig tree, which is just starting to shed its leaves.  I didn't think snowdrops bloomed this early, at the end of autumn.  I just hope they keep up their show during the winter or else by the time the fig leaves fall there won't be anything blooming underneath! also decided to harvest the last of my chillies and put the plant in the compost to make way for some winter spinach.  I was disappointed that it turned cold before the bulk of the chilli harvest ripened to red, but you an still eat them green.  They're just not as sweet.  But I certainly wasn't going to waste all of these beauties just because they were still green!  The black on some of them shows that they were just about to turn red before the cold stopped them in their tracks.


Mrs. Phillips said...

Dude your peppers look awesome! I am so impressed.