Sunday, 31 May 2009

broccolini tried a new vegetable with dinner last night - broccoli raab / rabe / rapini / broccolini / broccolette, I'm really not sure of the name.  Basically it's a long, thin bunch of broccoli with lots of small heads instead of one giant, thick-stemmed clump.  I like normal broccoli too but Tom's not a fan, but he gave the broccolini a thumbs-up.  So I thought I'd try growing some since I had an empty pot.  It's the small seedlings on the bottom right corner.  I thought I'd also show off my young spinach (just sprouted, on the left), my spring onions and one of my pea plants.  All doing quite well methinks.

In the meantime, my normal broccoli out the back is just starting to form tiny heads.  I don't know how long it takes from here but I'm looking forward to some home-grown broccoli!