Thursday, 7 May 2009

the back veggie patch thought I'd give an update on the back veggie patch which I planted a month ago.  As you can see the broccoli is doing well so far (dark green leaves on the left).  I had to brush a lot of butterfly eggs off the leaves early in the autumn when the weather was warm but it seems to have kept the caterpillars away.  The lettuce at the front (light green leaves) is doing OK but the leaves are a bit soft and limp, I don't think they're getting as much sun as they want.  The rocket's doing OK though (two patches of bright green on the right) even though the right-hand side of this patch is pretty shady.  But the peas are doing horribly!  Those little scraps of green at the base of the canes are meant to be peas, but they're tiny.'s compare those peas to the ones I've planted on the front porch.  This is one of my two pots, with four seeds per pot.  Look at how lush and tall it's growing already, because it's got full sun.  I don't think the peas at the back are going to make it ... but hopefully at least their roots are still putting a lot of nitrogen into the soil.

I can't wait for the peas on the porch to start flowering!