Monday, 6 April 2009

sad little maple (part 2) thought since I'm so worried about my little maple tree, that I would share how it looked in its prime.  This is what it looked like in early spring.  So in case the worst happens, at least I got a photo of what it was meant to look like.

The good news is, after a bit of consultation with my favourite garden forum I'm told that it should pull through.  I sure hope so!


Anna said...

I'm glad to hear that it should pull through!
I was working in the community garden yesterday, hand-tilling soil and making adobe walls for raised beds (yep, it's dry enough here that you can make walls for raised beds out of mud) and I couldn't help but think about you and the summer we spent working on the crew at LC. Sigh. That was such a nice summer.
Hope things are going well for you!

Alexa said...

Is that An-an-a? No way! Where are you these days? And yes I too think often of those 5am mornings at LC when I'm desperately trying to keep my rhododendrons from dying. Remember plucking off the dead rhodie flowers up on ladders because they were so huge?

Anna said...

I'm currently in Monterey, CA, where it is dry enough that rhodies don't really stand a chance! Those blooms at LC were larger than my head!
I'm working on getting a M.A. in teaching German, spending my summers at camp. Really, not much has changed. :)