Tuesday, 14 April 2009

new camellias

It's been a busy weekend in the garden over the long Easter break.  Re-doing the side bed was the biggest job but today I replanted two camellias that died in the summer heat.  I don't think they selected very good varieties for our climate, some of them need it to be a lot cooler and wetter.

I bought two camellias called "Paradise Blush" that are supposedly bred for the Australian climate and they're called a "summer survivor" on the tag.  The blooms look gorgeous, white with a tinge of pink, but not that it really matters since the possums tend to eat them anyway.





They're just little things now but hopefully they'll take off.  They got a good dose of compost and such when I planted them, and the rest of the row got a feed and a water too.

I also planted out this little tiny applemint plant.  I'd bought them as cuttings which meant they didn't have roots so I had them in a little pot for a few weeks.  But they'd started to make new leaves which told me they'd taken root, so I planted it out today.  It's a type of mint with a mild flavour and its leaves are variagated white and green.  It's still tiny but should look lovely when it's grown.