Friday, 3 December 2010

worm layering

I like my worm farm, but I'm finding it hard to get the rewards out of it I should.  It's easy enough to pour water on it to drain out the worm wee.  But getting out the casing is a pain in the bum because, well, it's full of worms!  Compost worms are a bit touchy and won't necessarily survive in the garden, so I want to keep them in the bin.  Commercially-made worm farms come with layers but my worm farm was free, just two broccoli boxes from a shop.

I got some great advice from the OzGrow garden forum, where I get all kinds of advice.  First, peel back the newspaper covering and pull off any large chunky food (in this case, some rocket).
Next, put on a layer of hessian sack.  New worm food goes on top of this.  Newspaper layer goes over that and of course the lid over that.
The worms will migrate through the hessian to eat the food above.  After a few weeks, I'll use the hessian to pull the whole layer of worms and scraps off, and below that should be a layer of worm casings.  Hopefully with fewer worms in it!