Tuesday, 7 December 2010

first fruits

http://www.alexareynolds.com/garden10/bryc1.JPGMy first tomatoes are ripe!  Three little broad ripple yellow currant tomatoes.  I only tasted one, it was pretty good for a first fruit.  The first yellow pear tomatoes last year were very mealy, then very sweet and delicate.  This one wasn't mealy and a bit more tangy, but sweeter then a red cherry tomato.

http://www.alexareynolds.com/garden10/bryc2.JPGUnfortunately they definitely have some kind of disease.  More of the lower leaves are turning yellow with a bit of dying on the edges before dropping off.  Which means it's just a matter of trying to get as much fruit off of them as I can before the plant dies.


PJ said...

my tomato plants do that every year too, still get most of a crop though which is lucky. Yay for the first tomato.