Monday, 15 November 2010

update on the west bed discovering how hard it would be to take out the pebbles in the eastern bed, I thought I'd have a look at the situation in the western bed. I was happy to see that in this bed, they put a layer of weed mat over the sandy base before putting on the rocks. Which means it only took about 30 minutes to clear away this whole strip of rocks. It's also going to be easy enough to put in new edging since I can just peel back the weed mat and dig into the sand.

Now I just need to get the edging and keep thinking about what to plant! I'm thinking I'll replace the liriope with some gaura aka dancing butterflies, a nice tall narrow flower. Not sure what I'll plant in front of that yet.


Mari said...

I love gaura!!! And I'm putting some in myself. However, it HATES water, so put it somewhere you don't water anything else. It's an idiot-proof plant and I killed it. What's the bigger one you have planted between the liriope?

Alexa said...

The bushy things between the liriope is "Munstead" lavender. I thought the pink gaura would look great with the purple lavender. I don't ever water that bed and the soil's very sandy so it sounds like gaura's a winner! Perfecto!