Monday, 1 November 2010

i'm siiiiinging in the rain...

OK not necessarily singing, but man, the rain was nuts this weekend.  We got almost 85mm across two days, I think that's our average rainfall for the whole month but in one weekend.  We've had the wettest October in something like 25 years.  Excellent! poor wet crow wasn't looking too happy though.  They don't usually come into my garden but this guy was just outside the back door.  I had a look to see what he was doing so close to the house, and he was pulling something long and white out of the crown of the evergreens along the back.  No idea what it was, but he ate it, found a second one, and at that one too.

Speaking of birdies, I should mention that Moms and Pops the blackbirds didn't end up nesting in the yard this year.  After seeing Moms on the nest for a day or two, they were gone.  They must not have gone far, though, because I now see them around with a few grown babies flapping about.  The cats haven't gotten near them this year, thankfully.