Monday, 17 May 2010

murraya goes in decided to order my murraya online.  The alternatives were to buy 6 decent-sized shrubs for about $20 each, or a set of 8 seedlings for $30 total.  I bought the seedlings from a mail-order nursery on eBay and they arrived promptly, well-wrapped and looking happy.

Actually I reckon they're not seedlings but rooted cuttings, by the looks of it.  Which makes me wonder if I shouldn't have tried to take cuttings myself!  But oh well, no real harm done.  I just hope they adjust to Melbourne's winter, they were grown up in Queensland and it's been a bit nippy lately.  Not freezing but lows around 8 or 9 some nights. fact I was concerned enough I kept them inside their first night.  But this weekend they went in to their new homes in the back garden bed.   They're so small there's no point taking a photo down the whole line, you wouldn't be able to see them!  The soil I've infilled with is incredibly moisture-retaining which is great because the old soil below it is very sandy and poor.  I just hope it's not too boggy to be honest.  But so far they're doing fine, they haven't dropped dead yet!

It'll be a few years until they're a decent size, that's what you get when you save money and buy seedlings.  But in time they should be filling the back porch with the scent of orange blossom!