Monday, 17 May 2010

baguettes made my first baguettes this weekend, using the bread machine to knead and shaping by hand.  It was a "rustic" recipe of white bread flour with a bit of rye.  I wanted to document how it went so I can look back on this and laugh.

As you can see I did something a bit wrong - both loaves split all the way down one side!  I think the main problem was that the loaves stuck to the pan when they were left to rise, so when they did their final "puff up" in the oven, the bottoms couldn't stretch and it tore.  Next time I won't just rely on cornmeal on the pan, they're getting a layer of nonstick spray! though, not a bad effort!  The crust was very thick with a good hearty tear to it and the flavour was lovely.  But next time I'm hoping the inside will be a bit lighter and fluffier.  And to be honest, I reckon this style of rustic thick crust is better for a batard (oval shape) than a baguette.  But this is part of the joy I get from making bread - I learn so much from every loaf!


Funkbunny said...

mmmm! they look delicious.